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Partnership program
API for partners is an OAuth 2.0-based solution allowing applications (for example, CRM or CMS) to carry out transactions as YooMoney users and access private information without requesting the secret key.
Using this solution, you can create seamless integration for your users, for example, accepting payments in CMS and messengers or issuing invoices from CRM.
If you'd like to receive commission from stores which signed up for YooMoney via your app, submit an application for signing up to the partner program. Your YooMoney manager will contact you and provide further instructions.
How it works
To engage in the payment process on behalf of a YooMoney user, you will need to get their permission. You need to:
  1. Place the Connect to YooMoney button in the section accessible to your authorized users.
  2. When the user clicks the button, redirect them to the YooMoney’s OAuth server page so they can grant you the rights.
  3. Once the user permits to act as them, you will receive an OAuth token. Use it to access the YooMoney API.
Use Quick start for partners to complete all the main steps for integration with YooMoney.
Transition to YooMoney
In November 2020, the procedure for working with OAuth tokens was updated. The main change was that it's now required to interact with YooMoney's OAuth center to receive tokens. From user's perspective, the authorization process remained as simple as it was: now you just need to sign in to YooMoney instead of Yandex.
Learn more about the new procedure in the OAuth in YooMoney section
Tokens which you received for apps in Yandex.OAuth, will continue working until they expire. You'll still be able to use them for interacting with the API even after you sign up for YooMoney's OAuth server.
What should be updated
Step 1. Register your apps on YooMoney's OAuth server.
You need to create a YooMoney account to access the page. If you previously tested receiving tokens using the YooMoney demo store, we recommend using your phone number and email address that you entered in your Merchant Profile. Learn more about switching to YooMoney
Step 2. Update the procedure of receiving OAuth tokens:
  • For requesting rights: redirect users to the new URL: https://yookassa.ru/oauth/v2/authorize. You don't need to specify the device_id parameter: YooMoney will auto-detect for which store the user is granting rights.
  • For exchanging a code for a token: send requests to the new URL: https://yookassa.ru/oauth/v2/token. YooMoney will return less details in response: only the token and its validity period in seconds.
  • If something went wrong when receiving a token, YooMoney will return an error. There are fewer possible types of error than before.
Step 3. If necessary, revoke your token.
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