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Payouts to bank cards
This article describes the features and procedure for making payouts to bank cards.
Payout limits
The bank card payout options depend on the payout recipient:
  • If the recipient is an individual or a self-employed citizen of the Russian Federation, payouts can be made to cards issued by Russian banks (any payment system) and to cards issued by foreign banks (only the Mir payment system).
  • If the recipient is self-employed but not a citizen of the Russian Federation, payouts can only be made to cards of the Mir payment system or cards of partner payment systems (please contact your manager for the up-to-date list).
Restrictions on the amount and number of payouts:
  • the minimum payout amount is 100 rubles;
  • the maximum amount of a one-time payout is 500,000 rubles;
  • the maximum amount of payouts per month is 1,500,000 rubles;
  • the maximum number of payouts per day is 20.
Restrictions apply to one bank card of the payout recipient.
General scenario for making payouts to bank cards
General scenario for making payouts to bank cards
  1. You request the details of the bank card that the user wants to receive the payout to.
  2. The user provides you with the bank card details.
  3. You create a payout by sending a POST request to YooMoney detailing the amount to be debited from your balance and where to transfer it.
  4. YooMoney sends an order to the acquirer to transfer money to the payout recipient.
  5. The acquirer processes the request and reports on the results of the transaction.
  6. YooMoney returns the payout object with the final status, which is either succeeded (payout successful) or canceled (payout canceled).
If, in response to a request, YooMoney returns the payout object with the pending status, it means the acquirer is still processing the payout order. To find out the final status of the payout, wait for the YooMoney notification or request payout information using the GET method with increasing reasonable intervals (for example, you can use the Fibonacci sequence).
Integration scenarios
The easiest way to make payouts to bank cards in YooMoney is to use the YooMoney widget to collect data.
A widget is a ready-made form for collecting data that you need to embed on your website and display to the recipient of the payout. When the user enters the number of the card for receiving a payout, the widget will return the masked card details to you, which can be used to make payouts and display the card details to the user. You can store this data on your side without the fear of leaks: if it somehow becomes public, this will not lead to financial or image losses. More about payouts using the data collection widget
Other options available for payouts to bank cards:
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