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Payout types and limits
This article describes who and how may receive payouts, the information required for each payout type, and the limits on the payout amounts.
Payout types
Payouts can be categorized by payout type and payout recipient.
Payout types
You can make payouts to YooMoney wallets, to bank cards, and via the Faster Payments System (FPS).
Payouts to bank cards
The bank card payout options depend on payment recipient:
  • If the recipient is an individual or a self-employed citizen of the Russian Federation, payouts can be made to cards issued by Russian banks (any payment system) and to cards issued by foreign banks (only the Mir payment system).
  • If the recipient is self-employed but not a citizen of the Russian Federation, payouts can only be made to cards of the Mir payment system or cards of partner payment systems (please contact your manager for the up-to-date list).
To make payouts, a bank card number is required. You can use a pre-made YooMoney form to get it. More about payouts to bank cards
The bank card data can be saved in YooMoney, and the stored data identifier can be used for making both payouts and payments. More about payment and payouts token
Payouts to YooMoney wallets
You can make payouts to a YooMoney wallet of any status. To make payouts, you'll need the YooMoney wallet number. More about payouts to wallets
Payouts via FPS
You can use the Central Bank of Russia's Faster Payments System (FPS) to make payouts to bank accounts and payment system accounts. To make payouts, you will need the phone number of the transfer recipient and relevant details of the FPS participant, such as the bank or payment system where the user holds an account. You can get the FPS participant details through YooMoney. More about payouts via FPS
When making payouts via the FPS, you can verify the recipient's ownership of the account that you intend to transfer the money to. You will need the recipient's personal details: their last name, first name, and patronymic. More about payout recipient verification
Payout recipients
Payout recipients can be regular or self-employed individuals. Self-employed individuals are those who do not have an employer or employees and earn an income by providing services or selling their own goods. When making payouts to self-employed individuals, each payout is considered as their income and will be automatically registered by YooMoney in the Moi Nalog service.
The only difference between payouts to regular and self-employed individuals is that additional information is required when making payouts to the self-employed, such as the recipient's Taxpayer Identification Number (INN) and a description of the service provided. More about payouts to the self-employed
If you need to make payouts to both regular and self-employed individuals, you can ask your YooMoney manager to set up two gateways, one for each type of payout recipient.
Если вы хотите получать выписки из реестра выплат с информацией о получателе выплаты (например, для госорганов), перед проведением выплаты нужно сохранить персональные данные получателя в ЮKassa и затем передать идентификатор сохраненных данных в запросе на создание выплаты. Подробнее о передаче данных получателя выплаты для выписок
Payout limits
There are limits on amounts for all payout types. The payouts will not be processed if the limits are exceeded.
You can modify the limits if necessary. To do this, please contact your YooMoney manager.
Payout typeOne-time limitLimit per time period
Bank card
Limits apply to a single bank card of the payout recipient
Minimum — 100 rubles
Maximum — 500,000 rubles
Maximum number of payouts per day — 20
Maximum amount of payouts per month — 1,500,000 rubles
YooMoney wallet
Limits depend on wallet status
Minimum — 1 ruble
Maximum depends on the current wallet balance. After the payout, the balance must not exceed a certain amount:
  • Anonymous wallet — 15,000 rubles
  • Reviewed wallet — 60,000 rubles
  • Identified wallet — 500,000 rubles
Maximum amount of payouts per month — 600,000 rubles
FPS (account in a bank or payment system connected to the FPS)
Minimum — 1 ruble
Maximum — 500,000 rubles
Payouts to self-employed individuals have additional restrictions: the annual income of the recipient with the current payout taken into account cannot exceed 2.4 million rubles, otherwise the recipient will lose their self-employed status. This limit cannot be changed.
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