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Auto-sending of receipts for the self-employed
In accordance with Federal Law No. 422-FZ, when receiving payments for goods sold and services rendered, a self-employed individual must register their income in the Moi nalog service. During the registration, the service will generate a payment receipt which must be sent to the buyer. If you cancel or refund a payment, the registered receipt must be annulled (reversed, canceled) so that the tax office does not take this data into account.
You can automatize this process by using the YooMoney solution for auto-sending of receipts. The service automatically registers and cancels receipts for each payment or refund in the Moi nalog service.
How it works
To register a receipt, you need to send additional data for the receipt in the request for creating a payment or refund: information about the goods and the user's contact information (for sending a receipt).
After YooMoney receives the data for the receipt, it will direct it to the tax office immediately and wait for the response within three days:
  • If the tax office successfully registers the receipt, it will return a link to it to YooMoney, which YooMoney will send to the user.
  • If for some reason the receipt cannot be registered, YooMoney will inform you about this via email. You can generate the receipt independently via the Moi nalog service.
You can find out the receipt registration status via API and in the payment history of your YooMoney Merchant Profile.
For each successful payment, YooMoney charges a receipt registration fee, which is a certain percentage of the payment amount. There is no commission for refunds and cancellations of receipts. Detailed conditions are specified in the YooMoney Terms of Use.
Receipt requirements
The tax authorities have several requirements for receipts:
  • One receipt may contain no more than six positions, while the quantity of each item can vary. If you have more than six items in one order, make multiple payments.
  • The receipt must only contain information about the full products. It will not be possible to register a receipt with a fractional or weighted product.
  • It is impossible to change the generated receipt. If you are canceling or refunding only part of a payment, you must first cancel the old receipt and then generate a new one.
Activating and disabling the option
YooMoney's solution for auto-sending of receipts suits the self-employed who sell goods or provide services to individuals. If your clients are legal entities or individual entrepreneurs, receipts must be registered manually.
You can enable or disable the auto-sending of receipts in the YooMoney Merchant Profile.
Activating the feature
During the first activation, you will need to grant the rights to YooMoney to work with receipts in the Moi Nalog service. During repeat activations, if the rights aren't revoked, there will be no need to grant them again.
To activate the feature:
  1. Navigate to Settings — Sending receipts section of your YooMoney Merchant Profile, activate the auto-sending option, and, if necessary, grant the rights to YooMoney for working with receipts. How to enable auto-sending of receipts
  2. Configure the settings to send data for receipts during payments and refunds.
  3. Test the integration by sending a minimum amount payment, make sure that the receipt is generated, then cancel or refund the payment and make sure that the receipt is canceled.
That's it! Now you can accept payments from real users.
Disabling the feature
There are two options for disabling the auto-sending of receipts:
In the YooMoney Merchant Profile
To disable the auto-sending of receipts, navigate to the Settings — Sending receipts section of your YooMoney Merchant Profile and disable the option. YooMoney will stop sending receipts to the Tax Service immediately afterwards. You won't need to revoke the rights from YooMoney in the Moi Nalog service.
You can activate the auto-sending of receipts again at any time. To do that, enable the option in the YooMoney Merchant Profile and, if necessary, set up the sending of data for receipts via the API. If you haven't revoked the rights for working with receipts from YooMoney, you won't need to grant them again.
In the Moi Nalog service
To disable auto-sending of receipts, go to the Moi nalog service and revoke YooMoney's permission to register receipts on your behalf.
During the first payment and attempt to register a receipts in the Tax Service, YooMoney immediately disable the auto-sending after learning that you have revoked the rights. Settings in the YooMoney Merchant Profile will be updated on the following day.
You can enable the auto-sending of receipts again at any time. To do that, enable the option in the YooMoney Merchant Profile, grant the rights to YooMoney again, and, if necessary, set up the sending of data for receipts via the API.
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