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Transition to FFD 1.2
In 2019, the procedure of marking marking products was introduced in the Russian Federation: a special code is put on each product from certain categories. This code is scanned by all the parties in the product flow, which helps track how products are moving along the logistics chain.
If you sell products from categories where products should be marked, you need to generate receipts in accordance with FFD 1.2. To switch to FFD 1.2, you need to set up your online sales register and configure how data for receipts is submitted via the YooMoney API.
Preparing your online sales register
To switch to FFD 1.2:
Step 1. Make sure your online sales register supports generating receipts in accordance with FFD 1.2 and you're ready to submit the new parameters for generating receipts.
Online sales register services where generating receipts in accordance with FFD 1.2 is supported:
Name of the online sales registerManual for switching to FFD 1.2
ATOL onlineManual
Business.RuManufacturer's website
Kit InvestManufacturer's website
aQsi onlineManual
MertradeManufacturer's website
Orange DataManual
RocketRManufacturer's website
Step 2. Update your online sales register software for FFD 1.2.
Read the manual for switching to FFD 1.2 for your online sales register or request information from the manufacturer's customer service.
Step 3. Sign up your online sales register at the Tax Service again to start working in accordance with FFD 1.2.
Submitting data for generating receipts
Data for receipts must be submitted according to the selected scenario for sending receipts.
Requirements for generating receipts in accordance with FFD 1.2:
  • The unit of measurement of the payment subject quantity (tag 2108 in 54-FZ) must be specified in the items.measure parameter.
  • If you use an online sales register from ATOL Online, specify store's tax system (tag 1055 in 54-FZ) in the tax_system_code parameter.
  • If the receipt contains products that must be marked, the following parameters with information about product marking must be additionally specified:
items.mark_code_infoProduct code. Tag 1163 in 54-FZ. Mandatory parameter
items.mark_quantityFraction of a marked product. Tag 1291 in 54-FZ. Must be specified if the measure field has the piece value.
items.mark_modeMethod of processing the marking code. Tag 2102 in 54-FZ. Must be specified if an online sales register from ATOL Online or BusinessRu is used.
items.payment_subject_industry_detailsIndustry attribute of the payment subject. Tag 1260 in 54-FZ. Mandatory parameter
receipt_industry_detailsIndustry attribute of the receipt. Tag 1261 in 54-FZ. Mandatory parameter
receipt_operational_detailsTransaction attribute of the receipt. Tag 1270 in 54-FZ. Optional parameter
items.additional_payment_subject_propsAdditional payment subject parameter. Tag 1191 in 54-FZ. Optional parameter
additional_user_propsAdditional user parameter. Tag 1084 in 54-FZ. Optional parameter
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