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Payments via the YooMoney API
You can use YooMoney to accept payments, make refunds, and solve other issues regarding electronic payments in the web version or on mobile devices. YooMoney will take care of all the interactions related to crediting payments made by users to your business account. You just need to select the most convenient integration scenario for you and integrate with YooMoney via the API.
How payments are processed
When implementing payments, you'll get a store for payments in YooMoney. You can have multiple stores, the number of stores depends on what you need and which features of YooMoney you're going to use.
To process a payment, you need to place the payment form on your website or in your mobile app. During the payment process, you send YooMoney a request with store's ID and information about the payment wait until the request is executed successfully. The amount received from the user is going to be credited to your business account on the next business day after the payment is processed.
YooMoney is going to charge commission for processing the payment: a certain percentage of each successful transaction (you can find the exact terms and conditions in your contract). YooMoney generates daily reports on successful payments and refunds for financial monitoring. You can find the amount of commission charged for each payment in payment reports. Learn more about reports
Features of the API for processing payments
Using the YooMoney API, you can:
  • Accept payments via bank cards, YooMoney wallets, SberPay, Mir Pay, Faster Payments System, and other payment methods. There are solutions for payments from both individuals and companies.
  • Process payments in two stages: hold ("freeze") the payment amount and then debit it whenever you need to.
  • Save the information of the means of payment and use this information for processing autopayments (recurring payments).
  • Make full or partial refunds of payments.
  • Submit receipts for payments and refunds to the Tax Service.
  • Receive lists of payments, refunds, and receipts.
...and much more
There are multiple different integration scenarios: from ready-made payment forms for those whose priority is to start accepting payments as early as possible to more flexible solutions for those who'd like to use their own form design.
Ready-made server SDKs can be used to interact with YooMoney via the API.
You can try out the integration using the test mode. When you use it, everything runs just like during real payment, except real money isn't transferred anywhere.
Implementing payments
Step 1. Sign up for YooMoney and sign all the required documents. If you're already signed up, tell your manager you'd like to use regular payments and enter into a contract.
Step 2. Get acquainted with the API: process your first payment using Quick start.
Step 3. Select the integration scenario that's the most convenient for you depending on the payment methods and features of the API you need as well as the resources you have for implementing payments.
Step 4. Get ready for the integration:
Step 5. Follow the instructions to implement the features of the API that you need for your purposes. Test the integration.
Step 6. Get ready to receive payments from real users: process a payment of the lowest amount possible.
That's it! Now you can start accepting payments.
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