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Payment methods
YooMoney can accept payments made via various methods: from bank cards, from e-wallets, via direct carrier billing, on a loan or installment plan, in cash, via invoicing in Internet banking.
Autonomous bank card
You can accept payments made via bank cards from Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Mir, JCB, and other issuers. Payments from cards issued in Russia as well as some foreign cards are accepted. More about cards that can be accepted for payment via YooMoney
By default, the user will enter bank cards details on the YooMoney’s page, but you can embed a form on your website or in the mobile app.
Payments via contactless payment apps
You can accept payments using bank cards via Mir Pay. Only available for mobile devices on Android.
You can accept payments from a YooMoney for Shopping wallet or a linked bank card.
Payments via banking apps
You can accept payments via SberPay with confirmation in the SberBank Online app, via Tinkoff Pay with confirmation in the Tinkoff app, and via FPS (The Faster Payments System of the Central Bank of Russia).
Loans and installment plans
You can sell goods on credit and via installment plans using “Credit purchases“ by SberBank and the Installments service.
B2B payments
You can accept payments from companies and entrepreneurs via Sberbank Business Online.
More about B2B payments
Other payment methods
You can accept payments made via direct carrier billing, and in cash via a payment kiosk or at our partner’s office.
All payment methods
Payment method name and codePayment termHoldingCode in reportsRefundRecurring payments
Autonomous bank card
Bank card
1 hour7 daysAC
Payments via contactless payment apps
Mir Pay
1 hour7 daysAC
YooMoney for Shopping
1 hour7 daysPC
Payments via banking apps
1 hour5 daysSB
Tinkoff Pay
1 hour7 daysTB
FPS (Faster Payments System)
1 hourCP
Loans and installment plans
24 hours6 hoursCR
“Credit purchases“ by SberBank
8 hours7 daysSL
B2B payments
SberBank Business Online
8 hours2S
Other methods
Direct carrier billing
1 hour6 hoursMC
No limits6 hoursGP
Payment information will be sent in payment reports.
Limits on payments
All payment methods have limits on the minimum and maximum payment amount. There are additional limits for some payments: for example, on the total amount of payments over 24 hours or a month. If the limits are exceeded, payments won’t go through.
Payment term
In YooMoney, each payment must be made within a limited time period. If a user hasn’t confirmed a payment before this period has expired, YooMoney will cancel the payment, expired_on_confirmation will be displayed as the reason behind the cancellation. To allow the user to pay, you need to create a new payment .
In case of a payment via banking apps or other external payment systems, an invoice from YooMoney is issued to the user. If there is still time for a payment in this system, but it has already expired in YooMoney, the money will be debited, but the payment won’t go through. The money will be instantly returned to the user.
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